Nicole Jean-Louis

Nicole Jean Louis Large 220 years old, attending the University of Bristol, UK. Nicole was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2019.

Nicole is studying towards a BSc in Education Studies. Nicole achieved a First overall this year, backed up with extended reading on educational policies in Kenya. She secured a 6-week research internship on decolonising the curriculum with the University of Bristol and another on the One Bristol Curriculum, run by Cognitive Paths. She also attended a webinar on professional development & employment.

Despite lockdown, she achieved her goal to run 5km. She was also invited to join the wider squad of the U21 Kenyan National Hockey team, training 5 days a week during the season. The uni squad chose Nicole to start their only game of the year, which they won. She also taught herself to cook nutritious and tasty dishes using online Masterclasses.

Nicole supported first year students pastorally and academically to adjust to the requirements of university life after completing her training on the Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) leadership scheme. She sought ways to create cohesion between the Education Studies cohort and the Psychology & Education Society by organising online events and activities.

She successfully had hockey equipment donated and is shipping it to Njoro High School for girls in Kenya. Nicole used the project to educate people and combat stereotypes about her country. Her internships highlight social issues on decolonisation of the sociology curriculum and an ‘A-Z project of ignorance’ at Bristol’s Science and Art Centre.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Nicole's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about making hockey more accessible for girls at Njoro High School, Nakuru. 

In Leadership Workshops, she has improved her presentation skills this year, with a confident delivery on her Citizenship Project. These skills helped Nicole win a ‘Festival of Research’ public speaking workshop at university.