Nicole Jean-Louis

Nicole Jean Louis Large 219 years old, attending the University of Bristol, UK. Nicole was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2019.

Nicole is studying towards a BSc in Education Studies. She achieved a 1st and a 2.1 in her January exams, and a 2.1 average for the year. She has undertaken independent research into Kenyan education and curriculum which she has expanded under lockdown, attending a Webinar and contacting the office of the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary of Education. She also created LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

She has joined the university hockey team and played in intra-university matches. She has also tried out salsa dancing, taken up running and joined a netball team. When team sports halted due to the lockdown, she kept up the running and returned to salsa by Zoom. She initiated a running challenge and an online Film Club with family and friends.

Nicole participated in a wide range of activities, including the Bristol Plus scheme. She was elected first year Course Representative and spent time gathering fellow students’ views and putting these forward. She has been elected secretary of the East Africa Society and of the Psychology and Education Studies Society for next year.

She signed up for several volunteering opportunities, but many were put on hold due to lockdown. These included Game Changers and Pitstop (both involved with sports leadership) and FACE - Forever Africa Conference and Events. In lockdown, she secured a job with the International Office as a Buddy Facilitator for incoming international students.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Nicole's 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about organising effective hockey lessons and equipment for girls at Njoro High School in Nakuru.


In Leadership Workshops, Nicole is becoming more participative and confident.