Nureen Bindo

Nureen Bindo large13 years old, attending St. Constantine's International School, Arusha, Tanzania. Nureen was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2022.

Nureen has been at St. Constantine's International School since 2019, and was previously at Feza International School. She is intelligent, hardworking, and the highest performing student in her grade, achieving As and A*s throughout. She is a disciplined and self-motivated learner, and her favourite subjects are Art, Maths, and English.

Nureen has been working hard on her athletic ability, participating in UWCEA Moshi Sports Weekend in netball and football; she also enjoys swimming, and took part in a school drama production. Nureen expresses herself creatively through literary writing, and her passion for art by designing and making art pieces.

She has exceptional leadership quality and potential. She is polite and well-spoken, gives constructive feedback in an articulate and decisive manner, and gets her point across without being overpowering; she is respected by peers and teachers alike. Nureen has been active on the Student Council and Boarding Council, as a Prefect and as a Key Stage 3 Representative, and has participated in Round Square Global Debates. She is self-driven, pro-active and an excellent team player.

She took a leadership role in Halloween/Dress-up Day make-up activities for younger school boarders; and created a Year 5 and 6 after-school homework club to help children needing assistance. She visits an orphanage annually, bringing donations and spending time with the orphans. She is also planning and finalising community projects for orphanage donations, and raising money for saving marine life.

Beacon Workshop Participation 

As a new Beacon Scholar, Nureen shared her service activities to date, particularly her work providing academic support for her peers.