Nyawira Mburia

Nyawira Large15 years old, attending Greensteds International Senior School in Nakuru. Nyawira was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2016.

Nyawira is a hardworking, polite, able student who has made excellent progress this year. She has achieved mainly As and Bs in all subjects, and 1s and 2s for effort. She has an inquisitive mind and is always seeking to learn more.

Nyawira has excellent debating skills, emerging in the top 8 out of 2500 students in the World Scholars Competition in Malaysia. She is also very active in Music, leading the orchestra, singing in the choir, and playing piano and violin in Assembly. She has played in the Hockey A team, and won 2 gold medals at the school's Sports Day.

Nyawira is passionate about the environment and, following her 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project on re-using plastic bottles as building materials, she has convinced her school not to use Recycling bins for plastic bottles (it is dubious how these actually get used), but instead to collect all bottles, and re-use them in suitable building projects. To date, the bottles have been used to build a greenhouse at her school, and a toilet block at a local primary school. She has inspired the whole school community with her passion, and her social influence is outstanding - she is a natural leader.

Nyawira's father works in the administration of a school, and her mother works part-time as a lecturer in law. 

Beacon Workshop Participation

Nyawira's Summer 2018 Beacon Citizenship Project was about Railway Safety in Donholm, Nairobi. 


Click here to view her Presentation Slides. 


In Leadership Workshops Nyawira has been a natural performer, captivating and energetic on stage, with great presence and voice projection. She continues to gain confidence within the Beacon community.