Rosa Kimweli

Rosa Large

15 years old, attending Hillcrest International School, Nairobi. Rosa was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2014.

Rosa is an enthusiastic learner who has worked hard and made good progress, earning all 1s and 2s for Effort, and creditable attainment grades. Rosa has a great enthusiasm for sport and has represented the school in Athletics, where she won a bronze medal in the U15 shotput, as well as in the U15 netball team. She took part in the school musical 'Chicago'. Rosa is an enthusiastic, helpful member of the boarding house, and goes out of her way to ensure those around her are comfortable, especially helping the younger students.

Rosa has joined the Interact Club and helped them raise money for various charities, and has also joined the KSPCA volunteers. She has had work experience in the New Life Children's Home and, in her 2017 Beacon Citizenship Project, she helped the children in her village to learn English.

Rosa is benefitting from the committed support of a sponsor in the film industry who has generated further backing from co-sponsors around the world.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Rosa's Summer 2018 Beacon Citizenship Project used drama to help educate the villagers in Nzambu about the effects of Deforestation. Rosa led the project in the local language Kamba and incorporated dancing, to ensure the message was understood.


Click here to view her Presentation Slides.


In Leadership Workshops, Rosa interacts confidently with other team members. She is quick to volunteer, eager to tackle new challenges, and has good perseverance. She shows great leadership potential.