Santayian Kantai

Santayian Kantai Large119 years old, attending Imperial College London, UK. Santayian was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2019.

Santayian is studying towards a BSc in Medical Biosciences. She has worked hard over the year and obtained a solid 2.1 average grade. She has also studied Spanish, and achieved a Pass with Merit.

She tried out a number of societies this year before lockdown, including the Guitar Society, Live Music Society and the East African Society (EASOC). She has been voted in as President of the latter for next year and already has plans to expand EASOC within Imperial, starting with boosting its presence at Freshers Fair.

Santayian had plans to provide information to Year 12/13s in Brookhouse School to encourage them towards university and to become Beacon scholars, but these were curtailed by COVID.  She successfully applied to join Pimlico Connection to be a primary school tutor, volunteering one day a week. In Term 2 she was made lead tutor at Langford Primary, tutoring Year 6 in Maths. She did this until lockdown.

Her citizenship project will research providing special needs equipment from the UK to Acorn Tutorials in Nairobi.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Santayian's 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about providing occupational therapy equipment for Acorn Special Tutorials in Nairobi.


In Leadership Workshops, Santayian works well in a team and is very participative.