Shakinar Mutulili

Shakinar Large15 years old, attending Brookhouse Secondary School in Nairobi. Shakinar was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

Shakinar is a straight A student with top grades for Effort. In every subject, her teachers rank her very highly: intelligent, diligent, hard-working, “a pleasure to teach".

Shakinar has received an impressive number of trophies especially in debate, including for The World Scholar’s Cup Global Round, Junior Division, and 10th Place for Individual Debate in the same competition. She participates in verse speaking, is a member of her school’s music committee and school choir and is also in the B Team for netball. Shakinar has served as the house captain Tsavo, Rikka Rep, EAMUN Junior Chair, and as a Round Square Committee member. She has also done a TEDEx Talk on 'The Value of Mental Toughness'. For her citizenship work Shakinar has volunteered at KSPCA, the Hog Charge, and is a member of Environmental Club.

Shakinar’s mother is a freelance speaker, trainer and consultant. 

Beacon Workshop Participation

As a new Beacon Scholar, Shakinar was invited to speak about a service activity at the Beacon Leadership Symposium 2018. She presented with her older sister Naikena, a Beacon Scholar at University.