Trevor Ntutu

Trevor Ntutu Large122 years old, attending University of Bristol, UK. Trevor was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

Trevor is studying towards an MEng in Aerospace Engineering. Despite all teaching being online due to COVID-19, Trevor has seen improvements this year in his academic performance, achieving a 2.1 overall. He was successful in gaining an internship at a data management company called DataCubed in Bristol, in a consultancy role carrying out a market research project.

He played for the East African Society (EASOC) football team before lockdown and maintained his weight training regime using resources that he had available to him when gyms closed. He also rebuilt his cardiovascular stamina by re-engaging with his running programme after recovering from COVID-19. He continues to participate in his gospel choir practices via Zoom.

As President of the EASOC, Trevor was integral to organising the largest collaborative online event between 17 UK & US EASOC’s, receiving the Group of the Month Award from the Student Union (SU). As Course Rep, he prompted change after relaying feedback from his cohort. He also became an Events Ambassador for the Home Recruitment Office.

Trevor continued his focus on Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths), both with his Beacon citizenship project, and through his role as a STEM Ambassador in Bristol, where he assisted in hosting an employability and CV writing workshop.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Trevor's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project focused on encouraging Kenyan high school girls to take up STEM subjects. 

In Leadership Workshops, Trevor is a natural leader, respected by his peers. He puts himself forward, volunteering for difficult tasks. His presentation skills have improved; his delivery is articulate with a clear and strong voice.