Trevor Ntutu

Trevor Ntutu Large121 years old, attending University of Bristol, UK. Trevor was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

Trevor is studying towards an MEng in Aerospace Engineering. His hard work this year has paid off in greatly improved exam results in spite of the disruption of lockdown, and he ended the year with an average grade of 2(i).

He has been active in both sport and music. He played for the university's East Africa football team, who were having a very successful year until lockdown, and participated in kickboxing training, aiming for a green belt by the end of Year 3. He also sang in a gospel choir, joining in their Christmas performance and their Global Carnival.

Trevor acted as Events Rep for the university's East Africa Society - clearly a success as he went on to campaign for, and be elected as, President for next year. He has also been elected as Third Year Rep for his course and acted as a STEM ambassador. He is following through his STEM work for this year’s citizenship project.

He volunteered for two community activities at the start of the year, visiting the elderly and mentally ill. Both activities ceased with lockdown, so he volunteered as an online ‘Buddy Circle Volunteer’ for the Global Lounge at his University. This role is to help new international students with their transition to University.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Trevor's 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project focused on recording interviews with university students and professionals in STEM to encourage high school girls to take up STEM subjects.


In Leadership Workshops, Trevor mixes well with his peers and naturally takes a leadership role. He has a confident style.