Trisha Shah

Trisha Shah Large122 years old, attending University of Cambridge, UK. Trisha was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

Trisha is studying towards a BA in Law. She worked hard this year and achieved an overall 2.1. Her participation in moots helped her deploy the law on her feet. Trisha applied for pupillages and attended interviews, but internships were cancelled due to COVID-19. She had an essay published in the Cambridge Law ‘Per Incuriam’ Journal, one of six essays published for all three years of law students.

She was elected to the Cambridge University Law Society committee and was accepted to be Mooting Officer for the society. She rowed for college Novice Women’s 2nd and 3rd boat and coxed for Senior Men’s 2nd and 3rd boats, competing in several events, and played in college netball matches. She also used her artistic talents to design Law Society hoodies.

Trisha organised the college’s first International Freshers week as International Officer. As college rep for Amnesty International, she recruited members and managed publicity. She was co-founder and secretary of the Jain Society, writing its constitution. She participated in three moots, getting Best Legal Reasoning in one, and was in the semi-finals in another.

She regularly volunteered to donate food to the homeless, and attended a talk and a presentation at the Pro Bono Society. Trisha returned to Nairobi in March, due to COVID-19. There, she worked with Mama to the Rescue, a charity helping to reconstruct the Kenyan economy after the pandemic.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Trisha's 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project focused on helping reconstruct Kenya post-Covid through art; she is selling her art to raise funds for a charity that supports vulnerable workers.


In Leadership Workshops, Trisha is highly analytical, engaged and has good insights into the subjects being discussed.