Regional Beacon Co-ordinator

Susan Kiragu

Susan smallDr Susan Kiragu was born in Nairobi, Kenya and grew up in Nairobi and Nakuru. Susan studied education at Undergraduate and Masters level at Kenyatta and Nairobi universities, after which she worked for a local NGO as a researcher in HIV/AIDS education. She completed her PhD at Newnham College, Cambridge in 2009, then joined The Centre for Commonwealth Education at the University of Cambridge as a Research Associate. In 2013 she worked as Research Manager for Camfed International. She has done educational research with children from underprivileged homes in Kenya, and has also partnered with colleagues from Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa and Swaziland. In 2013, Susan and her husband Victor quit their well paying jobs in the UK to come back to Kenya and serve more children from poor backgrounds. They founded an NGO, Children in Freedom, to provide scholarships and mentorship to African children, encouraging them to value their African heritage, and to use their strengths and talents to create and innovate solutions for their countries. Their powerful mentorship programme has been acknowledged by President Uhuru and Margaret Kenyatta.

Susan is very excited to join The Beacon Equity Trust team as the Beacon Regional Coordinator, a role that will see her contribute to identifying and nurturing change-makers in Africa. She brings on board robust understanding and experience of Kenya's and Africa's educational terrain, and a strong innate desire for Africa to thrive – a dream that is impossible to achieve without firm and ethical leadership and governance. She believes strongly in The Beacon Equity Trust's mission to shape gifted children from an early age to become the visionary and ethical leaders that countries in Africa need.

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