Scholarship Availability - Schools

Generally, there will be a maximum of one new Beacon Scholarship available each year at a Beacon School. Beacon Scholars will continue to be supported for each subsequent year of their secondary education up to their final year, subject to performance.

It is unlikely that there will be more than 3 Beacon Scholars in a Beacon School at any given time.

Beacon Secondary School Partners


Scholarship Available? 


Baobab College, ZA     Yes
Greensteds International School, KE     Yes
Hillcrest International School, KE     Yes
Haven of Peace Academy, TZ     Yes
International School of Kenya (ISK), KE     Yes
International School of Lusaka (ISL), ZA     Yes
International School of Tanganyika (IST), TZ     Yes
International School of Uganda (ISU), UG     Yes
Kampala International School (KISU), UG     Yes
Rainbow International School (RISU), UG     Yes
Peponi Senior School, KE     Yes
St. Andrew's School, KE     Yes
St. Constantine's International School (SCIS), TZ     Yes
UWC East Africa, TZ     Yes