Leadership Workshop - August 2014

On Friday 29th 11 scholars arrived at Harrison House Retirement home in Nairobi. They were put into pairs and had about twenty minutes to prepare a small presentation on an aspect of the Beacon Scholarship Programme to explain the programme to the residents. Presentations were followed by each Scholar performing a story, showing a piece of art, reciting a poem or playing some music. The afternoon ended with Scholars talking to the residents and having tea with them.

Harrison House



The challenges of talking to the elderly residents and remembering to speak slowly and loudly was soon taken on board and very soon all the Scholars were engaging with the residents, asking questions and telling them stories. Both the Scholars and the residents thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the afternoon passed quickly. Our three new Scholars were quickly part of the group and it was easy to forget that this was their first Beacon Scholar’s Day!

On Saturday, we met out at Peponi Secondary School. Mr Durston, the Headmaster, gave a very interesting talk based on adversity and responsible leadership using District Six in Cape Town as his example of how damaging leadership can be. Using some original photos and footage from District Six, he was able to bring the story alive for the Scholars. The story was given a personal touch as Mr Durston, described his mother’s clinic in District Six before the area was destroyed and the cosmopolitan community split and separated on racial lines.

Alex Hamilton, Sponsor of one of our new scholars, Lawrence Mutua, followed this discussion with a brief overview of his life and what brought him to Kenya. He talked about how he came to be involved in sponsoring Kenyan children and what his hopes were for these children.

Once parents and sponsors had left, the Scholars got down to some work, brainstorming their strengths and challenges as they work towards establishing their targets for the year. We worked on understanding SMART targets and considered what steps needed to be taken in order to reach them.

Before lunch we played a great team building game in pairs, guiding a blindfolded partner through a minefield using verbal instructions alone. Many Scholars were blown sky high, but the successful partnership of Joy and Grace were the first to negotiate a successful path through.


A delicious lunch was provided by Peponi School and the Scholars then used their down time to play some fun strategic and logic games together. This went on a little longer than expected as everyone was so engaged and enthusiastic!

We ended up with summer activity presentations and were just able to get through these before it was time to leave.

A special thank you to Mr Durston who made us think hard, and question leaders’ motives carefully. He helped us with target setting, challenged us with team-building and fed us with delicious lunch and snacks!

Thank you also to the parents who fought the Nairobi traffic to bring the Scholars to the two destinations for the scholar’s weekend. Good luck to the Scholars and may it be a full and busy 2014/15 school year ahead.

Group August 2014

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