Trustees Visit - February 2014

As usual, the Trustees prioritised visits to Beacon Schools both upcountry and in Nairobi for their annual visit. Under the guidance of their Mentors, new Scholars have settled in well, and existing Scholars are flourishing.

Here are some pictures of the meetings:

At St. Andrew's Prep and Senior Schools, Turi ...

BettyBetty telling us about her friends.
GloriaGloria enjoying her first year. 
JoyJoy building on a strong first year.
TundeTunde well-established in second year.

At Pembroke House School, Gilgil ...

MalaikaMalaika, new Beacon Scholar and new to boarding.
LemLem thinking 'big'.
MatildaMatilda smiling as ever.
 EmmaEmma Laing, Pembroke Mentor.

At Peponi House and Peponi School, Nairobi ... 

WambuiWambui just before going camping.       KamauKamau talking about his music.
JeremyJeremy - nearly elected as class rep.

At Starehe School for Girls, Nairobi ...

MaryMary thinking about career direction.


Parents evening in Nairobi ...


Joel and PeterPeter and Joel, parents.


 Melanie and ParentsMelanie (centre) Peponi Prep Mentor with parents.


Scilla (left) with parents.