Leadership Workshop - April 2019

The Beacon Leadership Workshop at Savage Wilderness in Sagana was held on 13th April 2019. This was the fourth workshop in a series of four, and was titled 'Empowering Teams'.

Scholars, Candidates, and Beacon Staff boarded two buses from Sarit Centre in Nairobi on Saturday morning, departing at about 7:00 AM. On the way to Sagana, each bus had ice-breaker games guided by the Savage Wilderness team, led by Renson Muchuku.

The group arrived at the venue and kicked off activities at 9:30am, having first had a hydration and snack break. This was followed by icebreaker games, including a Tug of War, Longest Human Chain, and Helium Sticks. There was then a theory session, facilitated by Renson, based on the NOBEL acronym which stands for:

Nurturing team members

Opening up to new ideas



Liability of team members to the team 

The group then split into three teams for an exercise called Building and Carrying a 'Shadduf'. The idea was to build a contraption used in ancient Egypt to scoop water from the Nile River. Then the teams had to prove that their contraption worked, and competed to see which team filled a large bucket with the most water in a minute - using their Shadduf. The exercise is aimed at assigning duties to individual team members and have them take ownership of the task as a team.

Finally, the day ended with a competitive challenge called Raft Rally. Teams had to negotiate an obstacle course by swimming, running around kayaks, leaping into the river, swimming again, and finally paddling a ducky (inflatable raft) in teams of two across the river and back.

It was a highly enjoyable day before the return to Nairobi. Here are some pictures of the day:

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