Beacon Scholars Mentoring 2 Seminar - November 2021

The second Seminar on Mentoring was held for Senior Beacon Scholars on Saturday 20 November 2021. The Seminar was presented by professional trainer Jay Surti.

The Seminar was developed to help Beacon Scholars understand and navigate their respective roles as Mentors and Mentees whilst being supported through their leadership training. The Beacon high-touch mentoring relationships include Peer-to-Peer mentoring on Target Sheets; 'Buddy' support for new Scholars; Home and Away Country Mentors for University Scholars; School Mentors for Schools Scholars; and Target Sheet Mentors for all Scholars. 

Here are a few slides from the presentation, which included lively group discussions throughout the session and plenty of information exchange on the Zoom 'Chat':

Large 1 Large 2
Large 5 Large 6
Large 3 Large 4


A Mentoring Toolkit produced by Jay Surti was also made available after the Seminar to help the Scholars become effective Mentors/Mentees.