Citizenship Projects e-Review - August & September 2021

Beacon Scholars continued to present their summer Citizenship Projects and Service Presentations online due to the ongoing restrictions caused by COVID-19.

The Schools Scholars e-Review was held on Saturday 21 August 2021, and the University Scholars e-Review on Saturday 18 September 2021.

Planning involved writing proposals and doing preliminary desk research. Scholars then produced a video presentation on their plans, any work done over summer 2021, and an action plan of how they will work on their projects during the academic year 2021-22.

Preliminary videos were submitted for feedback, and final recordings uploaded to the Beacon YouTube Channel. The Scholars had to watch all the videos before the e-Review meeting, where they were able to receive and give feedback, using the TAG Feedback Model (Tell the writer something you like”, “Ask the writer a question”, and “Give one piece of constructive criticism), and answer questions from other Scholars and Beacon Staff.

2021 University Scholars Citizenship Project e Review LARGE 1

Projects for each Workshop were grouped and the discussion centred on a Q&A and finding links and lessons among projects:



– Humanitarian

– Environmental Conservation

– Health

– Education

– Self-sufficiency

– Humanitarian and Health

– Education

New Scholars introduced themselves and talked about their previous community Service Projects.

All presentations can be viewed on individual Scholar Profiles on the Scholars tab.

Both e-Review session recordings can be found here for Schools Scholars, and here for University Scholars.