Leadership Workshop - February 2016

Scholars assembled for the first Leadership Workshop of the year. The theme was Public Speaking. 

Starting with tips on how to speak with impact and clarity, the Scholars gradually built their confidence and skills throughout the day. They learned how to give impromptu speeches, how to structure a speech, and most importantly, how to give encouraging feedback.


This was followed by by a session on Persuasive Argument. Scholars were divided into groups and had to debate key issues - as proposers and opposers. This produced some lively interactions, with Scholars having to decide whether to present their prepared arguments, or rebut what they had just heard from the other side.

Senior Scholars Debate




Pre-Scholars Debate




Final Speeches:

Finally, each Scholar prepared a two minute speech which was delivered to the whole group. Video links to all speeches are below.

Linda (Beacon Rep)   Introduction

Amy Migunda          Speech         Feedback       
Awuor Onguru  Speech  Feedback 
Betty Kunyada  Speech  Feedback 
Gloria Tergat Speech  Feedback 
Grace Muema  Speech  Feedback 
Jeremie Basset Speech  Feedback 
Joy Lelei  Speech  Feedback 
Lawrence Mutua  Speech  Feedback 
Malaika Njema  Speech  Feedback 
Matilda Ndinda  Speech  Feedback 
Maria Beebe  Speech  Feedback 
Rosa Kimweli  Speech  Feedback 
Lem Mbaga Absent

Key Skills Developed in this Workshop

Power of the pause

Body language

Eye contact

Giving feedback

Active listening

Speech building

Impromptu speaking

Power of rehearsal

Powerful use of the voice (tonal modality)