New Scholars Dinner - August 2016

New Beacon Scholars Darryl Ursin, Nyawira Mburia and Angel Mailu and their parents/guardians/sponsors were welcomed to the Beacon New Scholars Dinner in Nairobi. Beacon Trustees and staff had an opportunity to meet the families informally.

Sue and Table

Beacon Rep Dr Susan Kiragu talks with Darryl Ursin, starting at London School of Economics, and his Mum.

Angel  Bernadete

Angel Mailu, starting at St. Andrew's Turi Prep, and her Mum.

New Scholars were congratulated, introduced to the Beacon Scholarship Programme and briefly addressed about the responsibilities and challenges of leadership.


Nyawira Mburia, starting at Greensteds International, and her parents.

By the end of the evening Parents, Scholars and BET Staff were well acquainted and ready to join the rest of the Beacon Community for the Leadership Symposium the next day.

Darryl  Farzana

Farzana Huysman was invited to give Darryl tips on life as a university student in the UK.

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