Leadership Workshop - April 2016

This Workshop, created for the first time by Savage Wilderness, was Phase 1 of a series of Workshops on Teamwork to be held annually in April. This Workshop was entitled: Understanding Teamwork and Leadership.

Scholars and candidates arrived at the Savage Wilderness camp at Sagana and spent the first half hour looking at how to build a team, understanding different roles within a team, and how everyone can play their part. They began by mind-mapping:

  • what makes a good team?
  • what makes a good leader?

Belbin's team roles  were also discussed.

Task1  Belbin 

After an icebreaker, Scholars and candidates then split into two teams, Seniors and Juniors. Both teams played trust games, and then the Seniors went on to Giant Jenga; the Juniors to Spider's Web.

IMG 1823

IMG 1837
IMG 1841After each task, debriefs were held to discuss what worked, what didn't, how difficulties were overcome, and how the team functioned.

Notably, early emphasis was placed on getting to know team members, breaking barriers and creating an equal platform from which to operate. 

After a quick lunch, there was a group discussion using the 'car analogy'. Team members identified natural roles, and were asked to swap and discuss how they felt in new roles, and how they would like other team members to help them fit into that new role.

IMG 1849


IMG 1862The most difficult challenges for both teams were then introduced. The Seniors were tasked to climb The Wall without any form of structural assistance - only other team members could help them scale what looked like an impossible vertical face. Juniors had to cross the river and avoid The Crocodile. 

In the final tasks Seniors had to Cross the River, and Juniors had to resolve how to deliver Dawa from one bucket to another. Juniors were led by two Seniors who were able to practise briefing and debriefing skills.

IMG 1869

After a final debrief and review of strengths, weaknesses and learnings as well as applications for home, school, and eventually the workplace, the party returned to Nairobi.

We would very much like to extend our appreciation and thanks to Lexy, Rebecca and the team at Savage Wilderness for an interesting, fun and constructive day.

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