Leadership Workshop - April 2017

This was the second Workshop in a series of four on Teamwork held annually in April. The title was: Leadership Styles and Teamwork.

We took a bus from the Sarit Centre leaving at 7.30am. On the bus Scholars and Candidates played some games to while away the journey, including truth and lie, and common interests.

IMG 2879

After arriving at camp, participants played an ice-breaker game and then settled down for a half-hour session on understanding different styles of leadership and when it is most appropriate to use them.

Kurt Lewin014

Teams were then assigned, and the participants split up to play Minesweeper (designed to build trust) and Log On (focusing on effective communication).

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Following a break, teams worked further on trust-building with a short game called Rock Star which involved falling forwards, and backwards, into the arms of teammates, trusting them not to drop you.

Rock Star

Teams then focused on the larger and more daunting tasks: Low Ropes and Climbing Wall.

Low Ropes required a combination of balance and physical dexterity going around a low level obstacle course. The main teamwork lessons emerged in the competition at the end: Support, Communication and use of appropriate Leadership Style.

Ropes  Wall

Climbing Wall proved a fearsome challenge for most. The idea was to climb in pairs (one member from each team) and compete to collect letters from cards pinned on the wall. Team members all had safety harnesses and were taught that safety is paramount.

Key teamwork lessons emerging from this activity were: Setting Goals, Communication, Encouragement and Building Confidence.


Following a race up the wall by nominated members of each team, the groups re-convened for a final discussion and re-cap of how and when to use different leadership styles, how to be an effective and efficient team and Leader, and how important it is to set team priorities.

We would like to thank Lexy and Renson, and the other Savage Wilderness Guides for an excellent day of learning, fun and leadership development.

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