Xmas Holiday - December 2017

The three University and two Schools Beacon Scholars in the UK convened with Trustees and friends at Tate Modern in London for a Beacon outing.

Tate ModernWe enjoyed about an hour and a half looking at contemporary art on the second floor, and thinking about how the 'Swing' Installation in the huge turbine hall on the ground floor could be called 'Art'. 

Following a brisk (and cold) walk along the Thames River we ended up in a restaurant in London's South Bank and enjoyed a quick meal 'under the arches' of a railway bridge. We could hear trains passing overhead.

Dinner 1 

The younger Scholars had a chance to catch up ...

Dinner 2




We moved on to the National Theatre and enjoyed a lively production of Pinnochio done with giant puppets, and plenty of colour and action. A good time was had by all.