New Scholars Dinner - August 2017

New Beacon Scholars Areeg Emarah and Alexa Ouma and their parents/guardians/sponsors were welcomed to the Beacon New Scholars Dinner in Nairobi. Beacon Trustees and staff had an opportunity to meet the families informally.

IMG 3345

Trustee Ajay Sood (left) and Beacon Rep Anne Babu (right) with parents of Alexa Ouma.

IMG 3348

New Beacon Scholars Alexa Ouma (Brookhouse) and Areeg Emarah (Trinity, Cambridge).

IMG 3352

Susan Kiragu, Beacon Regional Coordinator with Areeg Emarah's parents and Antonia Sood, Trustee.

IMG 3356

Alexa with Susan Kiragu and Dr Ashraf Emarah and Dr Gehan Emarah.

By the end of the evening Parents, Scholars and BET Staff were well acquainted and ready to join the rest of the Beacon Community for the Leadership Symposium the next day.