Beacon Scholars Mentoring Seminar - October 2020

The first Beacon Seminar on Mentoring was held via zoom on Saturday 31 October 2020. The Seminar was attended by Beacon Schools Scholars in Year 12 and 13, as well as University Scholars and Beacon Staff, and was moderated by professional trainer Jay Surti.

Because Beacons, particularly at University level, are now both Mentors (Peer-to-Peer on Target Sheets, and 'Buddies' for new Scholars) and Mentees (with Home and Away Country Mentors, and School and Target Sheet Mentors) it was important to help them understand their respective roles and build relevant skills.

The theoretical underpinning was pre-recorded as a video. During the zoom call, Scholars were presented with different scenarios and case studies. 

Beacon Seminars are a new initiative for personal advancement. They will be held three times a year for Senior Beacons, with the following themes:

  • Mentoring (including coaching, giving and receiving feedback);
  • Wellbeing (including mental and physical health);
  • Personal Brand (including profile building and career planning). 

The Seminars will run alongside existing Beacon Workshops in Teambuilding and Personal Skills for all Beacon Scholars.

Here are the key slides from the Mentoring Seminar zoom call.