Citizenship Projects e-Review - August & September 2020

Beacon Scholars presented their summer Citizenship Projects online this year, as the annual Symposium had to be cancelled due to the current travel restrictions caused by COVID-19.

The Schools Scholars review was held on Saturday 22 August 2020, and the University Scholars review on Saturday 26 September 2020.

The projects were set up to run over two years, with the planning stage presented in 2020, and the implementation to happen (hopefully) over the next year. 

Planning involved writing proposals and doing preliminary desk research. Scholars then produced a video presentation on their plans, any work done over summer 2020, and an action plan of how they will work on the project during the academic year 2020-21.

Preliminary videos were submitted for feedback, and final recordings uploaded to the Beacon website. The scholars had to watch all the videos before the e-review meeting, where they were able to get feedback and answer questions from other Scholars.

e Review photo1

Projects for each Workshop were grouped and the discussion centred on a Q&A and finding links and lessons among projects:



– Humanitarian

– Environmental Conservation

– Health

– Self-sufficiency for the Marginalised

– Humanitarian and Health

– Education


New Scholars introduced themselves and talked about their previous community service projects.

All presentations can be viewed on Individual Scholar profiles on the Scholars tab.

A recording of the online University Scholars e-Review can be found here. Unfortunately, the Schools Scholars e-Review was not recorded.