Citizenship Projects e-Review - August & September 2022

The Schools Scholars Citizenship Project e-Review was held on Saturday 20 August 2022, and the University Scholars one on Saturday 17 September 2022.

Projects involved writing proposals and doing preliminary desk research; Scholars then produced a video presentation showcasing the fieldwork they did over summer 2022, and giving an action plan of how they will work on their projects during the academic year 2022-23.

Preliminary videos were submitted for feedback from Beacon tutors, and final recordings uploaded to the Beacon YouTube Channel. The Scholars were required to watch all the videos before the e-Review meeting, where they were able to receive and give feedback, using the TAG Feedback Model (Tell the writer something you like”, “Ask the writer a question”, and “Give one piece of constructive criticism), and answer questions from other Scholars and Beacon Staff. During the University Scholars e-Review session, new Scholars participated in a role-play exercise demonstrating the difference between giving and receiving bad, unhelpful feedback vs good, constructive feedback, using the TAG Feedback Model.  

Eben CP22

Projects for each Workshop were grouped and the discussion centred on a Q&A and finding links and lessons among projects:



– Environmental Conservation

– Health

– Education

– Self-sufficiency

– Health

– Education

– Education (Sport & Art)

New Scholars introduced themselves and talked about their previous community Service Projects.

All presentations can be viewed on individual Scholar Profiles on the Scholars tab.

Both e-Review session recordings can be found here for Schools Scholars, and here for University Scholars.