Teambuilding e-Workshop - October 2022

The Beacon Teambuilding Workshop was delivered online to both Schools and University Scholars over one day in October 2022, on back-to-back Saturdays. The theme was Team Empowerment.

The Empowerment Theory was briefly explained in a presentation video which Scholars viewed in advance of the Workshop as part of their Homework, and which covered a recap on previous Teambuilding Workshop themes and Leadership concepts.

Following an engaging ice-breaker, the first plenary session was spent discussing and ensuring understanding of the course content and reviewing previous Workshop lessons. To give a flavour, here are some of the slides used:


Team Roles; Kurt Lewin Leadership Styles; Personality Traits; Process: Route to Perfomance

Theory Review 1


Spreitzer Empowerment Theory - Individual


Spreitzer Empowerment Theory - Team

Empowerment Self 3 Empowerment Team 3


Scholars were given an opportunity, in breakout rooms, to participate in group exercises to consolidate their learning. Activities included:

  • Group Exercise 1: Practise building your team
  • Group Exercise 2: Roleplay scenario around boundaries
  • Group Exercise 3: Create you own non-fungible token (NFT)

During the group exercises, Scholars used Google Jamboard to capture notes and create their presentations for discussion during plenary. As part of the final group exercise, each team presented their NFTs as a 5-min pitch to investors during a showcase plenary session where they received constructive feedback and fielded questions from the audience. A team example below.

JamboardNFT 3

















The Sessions concluded successfully with a recap on learning; final thoughts from Scholars; and a huge thank you and goodbye from all.