Beacon Scholars Personal Brand 2 Seminar - April 2022

The third and final e-Seminar in the Seminar Series 2 was held for Senior Beacon Scholars on Saturday 23 April 2022. The Seminar was led by trainer Jay Surti and included guest speaker Arthur Ddamulira, a current Beacon University Scholar (Arthur's Beacon Bio).

Personal Brand 1 introduced the concept of 'Personal Brand' as a tool to proactively market oneself through self-promotion and enhanced networking, utilising LinkedIn to network, develop and share ideas, seek career opportunities, and most importantly, manage how a person is seen and perceived by others. Personal Brand 2 builds on this by focusing on the mechanics of LinkedIn. 

Here are a few slides from the presentation, which included a lively Q&A session, with insightful exchanges between the speakers and Scholars. The highlight of the session included personal accounts from Jay and Arthur on their very contrasting early career journeys and experiences, specifically focusing on transitioning from tertiary education into the employment market.

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At closing, Scholars were asked what they will commit to doing in the next three months to help boost their Personal Brand and apply learnings from the session, which many shared on the call.