Beacon Scholars Leadership Development Courses - January 2024

Module 3 of the Beacon Leadership Development Curriculum was Coaching & Mentoring and it was delivered to Schools' and University Scholars in January 2024. 

The Module included an online course where Scholars learned about the key principles of Coaching and Mentoring, and at the Workshop, they had the opportunity to apply their learning.

Key Features of the  Workshop included:

  • Scholars coming to the Workshop with a subject or question they wished to be coached on
  • All were assigned 'Coaching 3s' in Breakout Rooms - giving them a separate space for their coaching experience
  • Each Scholar acted as Coach, Coachee and Observer for their peers, applying the GROW model (Goal-setting, Reality checking, Option creation, Willpower) and principles of active listening to support their peers on their chosen coaching topic
  • A feedback session in plenary allowed all Scholars to discuss their coaching experience and receive feedback on possible next steps

A selection of images from the Workshops is shown below:

 Jan blog 3
 Jan blog 2
 Jan Blog 1a.png
 Jan blog 6