Leadership Development Courses - Understanding Happiness April 2024

Module 5 of the Beacon Leadership Development Curriculum was a wellbeing session focused on Understanding Happiness and was delivered to Schools' and University Scholars in April 2024.

The Module included an online course where Scholars explored the theme of happiness: what it is and how it can be achieved in work or study. They learned about some of the science behind happiness studies and how that theory can be applied in their everyday lives.  

A key feature of the Workshop was an experiential activity on happiness in the Pecha Kucha format:

  • Scholars were split into groups and worked collaboratively to create a Pecha Kucha presentation
  • Each Scholar presented only 2-3 slides in their group, limited to 20 seconds per slide, encouraging them to think carefully about what happiness means to them
  • After the presentations, Scholars reflected together in an overall group session on their key takeaways from the course. 

A selection of images from the Workshops is shown below: 

 pic 7
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5