Beacon Scholars Leadership Development Courses - February 2024

Module 4 of the Beacon Leadership Development Curriculum was Leading Change and it was delivered to Schools' and University Scholars in February 2024. 

The Module included an online course where Scholars learned about the key principles of change management and how they might have to manage change in their own lives. At the Workshop, they had the opportunity to apply their new knowledge in different change scenarios relevant to young people. 

Key Features of the  Workshop included:

  • 3 real-life scenarios were provided where change needed to be managed.
  • These scenarios included a school converting to 100% veganism; a university establishing a 7-day per week blended learning timetable; and a college trying to manage new approaches to learning in the face of AI.
  • Scholars worked on change strategies in Breakout rooms, and then presented their ideas in plenary. 
  • Presentations were discussed and feedback was provided using the TAG feedback model (Tell something positive, Ask a question, Give a suggestion).


A selection of images from the Workshops is shown below:

Breakout groups 
 screenshot pic
 screenshot 2