Leadership Day - April 2015

The Leadership Day was held at WEAL House in Nairobi. The morning session explored learning issues, and a consideration of what it might be like to find learning difficult.

Using the framework of 'language and learning', we discussed:

  • how to use strengths, and building awareness of weaknesses;
  • how to empathise with others;
  • what it is like to give up and not try;
  • how it feels to be out of our comfort zone and to struggle with an activity;
  • and what we can do as leaders to give a helping hand.

The pre-scholars then went off with helpers to learn about morphology (understanding language structure) and how to use it to build language skills, develop vocabulary and improve the ability to communicate.

IMG 0006

Parents, Guardians, and Sponsors met separately to discuss and list strengths and skills they could offer to the Beacon Programme, and how best to support the Scholars. The idea of parents as mentors was raised, and all realised they would have something to offer, with further discussion on how to extend the concept of target-setting to show the Scholars that it is a reality in adult life, too. Parent contact with school mentors, and letting them know their input is valued, were identified as key factors to keep both mentor and mentee well engaged.

IMG 0041

Once again in a combined group, parents re-engaged with Scholars to be briefed and discover how Scholars had grappled with games and challenges they had been set in their language workshop.

IMG 0095All then tucked happily into a delicious lunch of coronation chicken and mixed rice, finished off with sinful chocolate cake. Happy Birthday to Jeremie, one of the absent Scholars, was sung into Evelyne's phone, and all wished him luck in his exam.

We thank Judy Khanyola, parent of former Beacon Scholars, for attending and helping; she will collate parent participation/contribution Feedback Forms and prepare match-ups with Scholars for the Leadership day in August. Additionally, a session on 'How to Mentor', and separate parent meetings will take place before the next Leadership day, if possible.

Our thanks go to Nazia and Gloria for helping out with the Scholars, and to Scilla for organising and running the Leadership Day. 

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