Trustees Visit - February 2015

The Trustees Visit was planned to coincide with the Leadership Day. This year the Trustees were accompanied by Jean Cooke, the new UK Co-ordinator for The Beacon Equity Trust.

The Trustees visited Beacon Schools and met individually with all the Beacon Scholars. Because of prior commitments, some Scholars had one-to-ones with the Trustees at the Leadership Day.



At St. Andrew's Prep we met our Scholars and said goodbye to Headmaster Mr. Paddy Moss, who is going to a new position in the UK.

Betty Lawrence
Paddy Gloria

After a meeting with the Acting Head of St. Andrew's Senior School & College, Mr. Andrew Boulle, and Mentor Priscilla Jean Louis, we went on to Pembroke and met Headmistress Mrs. Deborah Boyd-Davis, Mentor Emma Laing and, of course, our Beacon Scholars.

Pembroke   Rosa

The rest of the week was spent visiting Peponi House, and then in many meetings - with Heads of schools interested in joining as Beacon Schools, and with possible sponsors for both the Schools and University Scholarships.

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