Workers Day - November 2015

Here is Beacon Scholar Joy Lelei's report on 'Workers Day' at St. Andrew's Senior School & College which she was instrumental in organising:

"I was inspired to mobilise my peers, with the support of the entire school community, to appreciate our ground, kitchen and boarding housekeeping staff.

The objective behind the Workers Day was to honour, celebrate and enhance community cohesion between the students and senior school workers.

We raised KSh 115,000 by fundraising over the month prior to the event, and created general awareness throughout the school by advertising and promoting the event widely.

This culminated in a Workers' Celebration ceremony that was held on Saturday 28th November.

The programme included: speeches by both staff members and students, a buffet of hot beverages and pastries, and presentation to staff of 65 Christmas gift packs (sugar, flour, sweets, cooking oil, biscuits, juice). The event concluded with dance and song.

The success of the event, made all those involved feel that this should be annual school fixture.

Overall, this experience was the highlight of last term for me as I developed my team work skills and got to work with friends on something worth the effort."

Here are some pictures of the event: