Citizenship Project e-Reviews - August & September 2023

Citizenship Project e-Reviews were held for Beacon School and University Scholars on Saturday 19 August and Saturday 16 September respectively.

Scholars submitted proposals, conducted desk research and then embarked on up to 40 hours of fieldwork in the summer holidays. They then produced videos showcasing their work, and provided an action plan of how they will try to ensure their projects are sustained in their communities, even in their absence.

All Scholar video presentations were viewed in advance by fellow Scholars. Then in the e-Reviews, projects were grouped under a Team Leader who  summarised projects in their group and led an active discussion inviting questions and feedback from all Scholars. Scholars were encouraged to find links and lessons among projects, which they readily did: the Chat function on the Zoom calls was extremely active in both e-Reviews, with much peer-to-peer learning between the Scholars.

For both e-Reviews the projects were grouped under the following umbrella themes:

– Environmental & Health

– Education

– Social

New Scholars introduced themselves and talked about their previous community service work.

Presentations can be viewed on individual Scholar Profiles on the Scholars tab.

Both e-Review session recordings can be found here for Schools Scholars, and here for University Scholars.

Finally some photos drawn from some of the projects:

Photo 1 
 Photo 2
 Photo 3
 Photo 4