Beacon Scholars Leadership Development Courses - November 2023

Module 2 of the Beacon Leadership Development Curriculum was Teamwork, and it was delivered to Schools and University Scholars in November 2023. The themes of the module were 'Building & Leading a Team'. The Teamwork course is Module 2 of a 20-module rolling programme of self-managed, Socratic Leadership Learning offered to all Beacon Scholars.

Activities at the Workshop included:

  • Scholars getting stuck into an engaging icebreaker, recapping learning from the previous workshop by creating soundbites for a team greetings card. 
  • Discussion of Scholars' personal experiences and course take-aways related to teamwork. This included Scholars creating personal 'Character Maps' based on Belbin's team roles - Scholars reflected on the different Belbin roles and how they might fit into these roles.
  • An assignment which involved creating a self-aware team, assigning team roles according to Belbin, and delivering a creative project back in plenary.
  • Examples of projects delivered included the launch of the all-new 'Banana Phone', a film based in a thriving bee colony, and the highly creative superhero film, ' The Belbineers'.

All participants thoroughly enjoyed exploring the themes of building and leading a team using this fun context. After the Workshop, they also received personalised leadership development feedback from the Beacon mentor team. 

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