Beacon Scholars Leadership Development Courses - October 2023

The first module of the Beacon Leadership Development Curriculum was Communications, and it was delivered to Schools and University Scholars in October 2023. The themes of the module were Presenting, Conversing and Feedback. The Communications course is Module 1 of a 20-module rolling programme of self-managed, Socratic Leadership Learning offered to all Beacon Scholars.

A Beacon Leadership module comprises:

  • An Online Course (including personal experience-sharing forums) - enabling Scholars time to learn and absorb key principles and theory before their Workshop participation, and connect with each other
  • An Assignment - helps them prepare for their group activities at the Workshop
  • An interactive Zoom Workshop
  • A Reflection activity post-Workshop - helping them to reflect on their leadership development to date and consider future application of the principles learned

At the Workshop Scholars immediately got stuck into an engaging icebreaker. The first plenary session was then spent discussing and ensuring understanding of the online course content, before moving on to preparing for the group activity. Scholars were given a series of scenarios and tasked with preparing and delivering a 1-minute Elevator Pitch to their breakout groups. 2 Scholars were elected by each group to present their pitches back in the final plenary session, where feedback was provided using the TAG model.

After the Workshop, they also received personalised leadership development feedback from the Beacon mentor team. 

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