Alexa Ouma

Alexa LargeAttending University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, studying Mechanical Engineering. Alexa was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2017, and was a Beacon Scholar at secondary school for 4 years.

Alexa had good IGCSE results and is now studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry for A-level. She has especially excelled in Maths, scoring 100% for her Pure Maths at the end of the year.

Alexa was the stage manager for the school play, The Crucible, mobilising other students to join her team. She is very sporty, and trained with the school football and netball teams and coached other students. She was elected speaker for inter-house debating competition.

She has pushed herself to increase her leadership skills. She presented the Machakos Project in assembly and was praised for excellent interactive and presentation skills as the MC at a TEDx. She also chaired the school Rhino Cup and created a video on staying positive during lockdown, recruiting other students for various teams.

Alexa started a school project called ‘Plastic4money’ to exchange collected plastic bottles for canteen coupons. As Chair of Machakos Project, she organised and led Year 12’s 7-day event for Muthangari School. She and other change-makers also refurbished 3 classrooms, made desks and gave supply kits to all 224 students at Mithanga School during a 9-day project.