Alexa Ouma

2023 Alexa large

Attending University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, studying Mechanical Engineering. Alexa, from Kenya, was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2017, and was a Beacon Scholar at secondary school for 4 years.

During her time as a Beacon Scholar at school Alexa was active in sports, debating, and online TEDx events, and formed the Women in Science Club. She was appointed Deputy Head Girl in her final year.

At UBC, Alexa has been involved with an engineering design team called Chem-E-Car that designs a shoebox-sized car from scratch and competes in international competitions, winning the regional competition in Corvallis, Oregon with her team. She is the VP of Professional Development for the Women in Engineering club, continuing her journey of encouraging and persuading women to not only pursue STEM careers but also to thrive in them. She has interned as a Research Assistant for the Photo Technology Innovation lab at UBC.

Alexa volunteers with the Engineering Enrolment services, encouraging young women around the world to follow their engineering passion. In her spare time, she runs a Netball Club that is now a partner with the BC National Netball Team and Association.