Shakinar Mutulili


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Attending Pomona College, USA, pursuing a degree in Public Policy Analysis and Law. Shakinar, from Kenya, was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018, and was a Beacon Scholar at secondary school for 4 years.

During her time as a Beacon Scholar at school, Shakinar was very active with EAMUN and was the first Secretary-General to take it online. She was appointed School Prefect in her final year, and won a Student Service Leader Award for her work with women’s prisons in Kenya.

At Pomona College Shakinar has been interning with the Smithsonian institution through their leadership programme, resulting in her spending the summer in Alaska with the Anchorage Museum. She is part of the Pomona College Mock Trial team, as an attorney and witness, competing in American Mock Trial Association competitions across the United States and California. Alongside her studies, she has also been promoted to Manager of Milk and Honey, a boba tea cafe, after working there for a year.