Maria Beebe

Maria largeAttending Yale University, USA in her freshman year in autumn 2021, pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. Maria, from Kenya, was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2016, and was a Beacon Scholar at secondary school for 5 years.

Maria studied Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics at Advanced Level and scored an A* in all three subjects. Having graduated at the peak of the pandemic, she opted to take a gap year in 2020-21. During this time, Maria pursued a passion project involving the use of hydrogen as a fuel to power low cost lamps which she hope to implement in her home town Teso.

Maria also worked as a tutor during her gap year and taught SAT classes for candidates pursuing tertiary education in North America.

She hopes to further her community outreach work in female health and sanitation, which she has been running as a service project in Kajiado since 2016, and hopes that her time at Yale University will further expose her to relevant solutions for young females in Kenya and the world at large.