Awuor Onguru

Awour largeAttending Yale University, USA, majoring in English and History. Awuor was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2015, and was a Beacon Scholar at secondary school for 4 years.

During her time as a Beacon Scholar at school she remained within the top 5% of her class, was appointed leader of the Simba Chapter of the National Honours Society and served as the grade representative from 2015-2016 and again from 2018-2019. Awuor graduated from school at the top of her class and received the Huduma Award for dedication to service.

Aside from her academic life, Awuor also volunteered at the Ghetto Classics Orchestra, where she mentored students in music theory and life skills. Together with her school's Inspiration Initiative, Awuor was able to raise $5000 towards supporting the Orchestra, through organising a benefit concert sponsored by the Java House. When she is not volunteering, Awuor writes poetry and fiction. Her work has appeared in literary magazines Menacing Hedge and Polyphony Lit and the langaa publication Covid Stories from East Africa.

She is a staff columnist at the Yale Daily News and hopes to continue to use art and literature to inspire change in East Africa.