Ryan Mbai

2023 Ryan M large

Attended the University of Bristol and graduated in 2023, having held a Beacon Scholarship for 3 years. Immediately post-graduation, Ryan, from Kenya, completed a work experience programme held by St. James's Place Financial Adviser Academy, and subsequently accepted a position as a Junior Structured Finance Analyst with ARC Ratings, based in Canary Wharf, London.

Ryan graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Finance. An ambitious student, he took full advantage of all the study support available to him whilst at Bristol, and read around his subject to include practical applications of theory into his coursework assignments, all of which contributed to his academic success.

Ryan enjoys football, as well as other keep fit activities such as acrobatics and callisthenics. At Bristol, he was a member of the African-Caribbean Society, and supported a ‘Green Gym’ initiative at a local Sports Centre.

Ryan has volunteered for the RSPB, enjoys supporting green Citizenship projects such as community gardening, attends Phab's inclusive events, and supports information campaigns aimed at educating disadvantaged girls about menstruation.