Lemuel Mandara

Lem Large16 years old, attending Shrewsbury School, UK. Lem was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in August 2011.

Lem is a confident, talented and intelligent student, who is focused and responds well to challenges. All his effort grades were Excellent or Good, he attained at least 6 commendations during remote learning, and he achieved almost all 9's or 8's in his iGCSE results.

Lem won the Public Speaking Challenge. He is in the MUN team and won a Highly Commended award. He also joined the weekly MUN Zoom meetings. He passed his Grade 5 Music Theory, plays the saxophone, took part in the Intermediate Wind Competition and recorded with the ensemble. He was in the 1st hockey team and the C football team.

A member of the House Council, Lem is reliable, responsible and a good role model for his peers. He is heavily involved in the Refugee Homework Club and has encouraged others to be involved, making it a big success.

Lem gave a confident talk to his House on his African Prisons Project (APP), raising awareness. He inspired others to partake in a fundraising Iron Man event, now postponed until next year. During the summer, he co-led a group fundraising drive, via Virgin Giving, which raised £4000 for two orphanages, Restart in Kenya and Seeway in Tanzania.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Lem's 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about the stigma attached to  ex-prisoners and the challenges they face as they try to rehabilitate and integrate back into the community.


At Leadership Workshops, Lem is a strong, confident presenter. He is articulate and audible.