Nicole Mgomella

2023 Nicole Mgomella large16 years old, attending International School of Tanganyika, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Nicole was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2021.

Nicole is a driven and self-disciplined student, cementing her transition to IB and progressing her grades very successfully this year. She has a solid record of achievement across all her subjects, particularly excelling in Visual Arts.

Nicole enjoys a wide range of co-curricular activities at school: she is a member of the ‘Forensics’ team in the acting category and participated in a competition, coming 2nd with her partner; she is a member of the choir and plays tennis. She is also a talented crocheter.

Nicole is an increasingly active member of her different communities: she plays an important role at her church, supporting younger peers at Sunday School; at school, she is involved with the TEDx committee, playing a key role in the production team organising TEDx events. As the grade 10 representative on the Student Council, Nicole serves on the Events committee, organising student events on campus.

Nicole is a passionate environmentalist and supports a range of green issues: she leads the Ecovengers club at school, successfully running tree-planting events and improving greenery around school. She and her team also ran an information campaign on plastic pollution and took positive action by improving plastic recycling at school. Her Citizenship Project has a different focus and aims to support women to use crochet for profit.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Nicole’s 2023 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about developing an entrepeneurial spirit in women and developing her 'crochet for profit' project.

In Leadership Workshops, Nicole is a strong team player, happy to deploy her strengths and talents for the good of the team.