Nicole Mgomella

Nicole large14 years old, attending International School of Tanganyika, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Nicole was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2021.

Nicole previously attended Braeburn International School where she excelled academically across the board, especially in Science and Maths, and was also keen on Art. She has a zeal to acquire knowledge and her Effort grades are always high. 

Nicole was named as one of the school's "Sports leaders" who are tasked with supporting other Year Groups. She was Senior Captain for multiple sports (football, basketball, netball, and athletics), representing the school. She achieved a Grade 3 Music Theory Distinction, plays guitar and piano, and has performed in school concerts; and has had a major role in a whole-school production.

She leads with a passion that lifts others, and is much loved by staff and students. She gained leadership awards in YR 6 and 7 and was Student Council Rep for 2 years, contributing strongly; she has been involved with the local Model United Nations (MUN) community through the school club. Nicole also leads and supports female peers to engage in STEM activities.

Nicole has been actively involved with the Community Service Project workforce where she led a group of students working with children with albinism. She also takes part in beach clean-up, tree planting and recycling, helps at orphanages, and leads young children in training for holy communion in the church community.