Sharon Bowyer

2023 Passport photo Sharon Bowyer large15 years old, attending United World College East Africa, Tanzania. Sharon was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2023.

Sharon is recognised as a bright student with a strong work ethic at school. Following the IB system, her average score is consistently high across the curriculum, an achievement for which she has received High Honour Roll Awards. She is also a passionate mathematician.

Sharon has a wide range of interests: she is involved in multiple sports teams, playing netball, basketball and touch rugby for the school. She belongs to cooking and sketching clubs; enjoys art, acting and music, and plays the piano, drums and violin.

Sharon has always shown herself as ready to lead: she was Head Girl at Primary School; has been Class Representative and has also been part of the Sustainability Committee. She engages with people of all ages and backgrounds with respect, kindness and confidence.

Sharon enjoys being active within her school and community: she has led a service group that regularly visits and supports a nearby orphanage. The group taught the children how to draw and write as well as donating colouring books, pencils and chalks.



As a new Beacon Scholar, Sharon shared her experience of service to date, in particular working on a community garden and supporting an orphanage in her community.