Collins Mgomella

Collins Mgomella large

19 years old, from Tanzania, attending the University of Surrey, UK. Collins was awarded a Beacon Scholarship for University in June 2022, and a Beacon Scholarship for Schools in 2018.

Collins is studying towards a BSc in Biochemistry with a professional training year. He is flourishing academically, overall achieving marks equivalent to a First at the end of his first year. He achieves this thanks to a study timetable, refining his study and revision techniques, and meeting his deadlines consistently, balancing studies with other pursuits.

Collins is a keen violin player and is a member of the university orchestra, enabling him to improve his group performance skills during the year. He attends weight training three times a week and is a regular member of the Ultimate Frisbee and African-Caribbean Societies.

Collins enjoys connecting with his peers – he runs an informal study group for his Biochemistry peers, providing an opportunity for weekly catch-ups, discussion and mutual assistance with coursework, ensuring no one falls behind. He gets involved with university life, and endeavours to foster inclusivity, support and connection amongst those around him.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Collins’ 2023 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was working with 'Tumaini La Maisha' and the Golden Summer Family to address the lack of awareness surrounding childhood cancer in Tanzania, including the organisation of a Remembrance Day to honour those who have lost their battle against cancer.

In Leadership Workshops, Collins projects his voice well when he is speaking to a group, and he uses his sense of humour to help engage people. He speaks succinctly in well thought-out reflections.