Collins Mgomella

Collins Large16 years old, attending St. Constantine's International School, Arusha. Collins was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2018.

Collins is a capable student and has improved his grades in Maths and Kiswahili; he achieved all Bs in his iGCSEs, with an A in Biology. 

He represented his school in basketball, soccer and rugby tournaments and is a member of the frisbee team. He also worked for his Grade 4 Violin exam and was due to perform at Music on the Lawn. Collins participated in the World Scholars’ Cup and won 3 silver medals, took part in several Round Square activities, and attended the annual ISK Cluster Meeting.

Collins contested and was elected as one of the House Captains for Olympia House. He worked with the Student Council to organise large events at the school such as the Chinese New Year celebrations. He continued to work with the younger children during their prep sessions.

At weekends, he worked with the Hadithi! Hadithi! Book Club, helping younger children with reading. He also set up an environmental Instagram account with 1000 followers, worked with other youth advocates, and, through webinars, raised awareness of environmental issues, including attracting interest from German Technical Cooperation (GIZ).

Beacon Workshop Participation

His 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project, The Last Straw, was about convicing local hotels to switch from plastic to paper straws.


In Leadership Workshops, Collins is a good contributor, positive, articulate, and confident.