Ryan Nduma

2023 Ryan Napo large21 years old, from Kenya, attending Imperial College London, UK. Ryan was awarded a Beacon Scholarship for University in June 2022, and a Beacon Scholarship for Schools in June 2019.

Ryan is studying towards a BEng in Materials Science and Engineering. He enjoys the rigour and variety of his undergraduate studies; in addition to his studies, he is involved in a research project within his department and has enjoyed mastering concepts about materials, helping him make links between the theory he learns and the world around him.

Ryan embraces many elements of co-curricular life at Imperial: he is a regular member of the UNICEF, Origami, Mahjong, and Materials clubs; he goes to the gym several times a week, cycles to his lectures daily and has recently taken up ultimate frisbee and rounders with his friends.

Ryan is a mentor for incoming students in his department, an ambassador for the department, organises STEM awareness workshops and initiatives for disadvantaged youth, and has organised workshops and interactive sessions to promote interdisciplinary learning. He has also been elected as Events Officer for the Materials Department.

Ryan is part of the university Ambassador Programme, participating in outreach activities and mentoring aspiring young scientists. With the UNICEF club, he has organised a book drive to raise funds and plans to work on a community centre this summer. He is also exploring ways to provide support for students taking Kenyan National Exams.


Beacon Workshop Participation

Ryan’s Summer 2023 Beacon Citizenship Project was about ‘Using Technology and Open Educational Resources to Improve Learning Outcomes in Kenyan Schools - a model pioneered at St. Thomas Amagoro Girls, Busia, Kenya’.

In Leadership Workshops, Ryan always has a positive attitude and motivates others well with his outstanding team spirit. He provides sensible suggestions, shares his opinions confidently and has good insights.