Ryan Nduma

Ryan Nduma Large19 years old, attended Hillcrest International School, Nairobi until June 2021 and is currently on a gap year. Ryan was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2019.

Ryan has shown fantastic discipline and determination in his studies. He doesn’t restrict himself to the syllabus of his subjects, but instead is guided by his interest and curiosity; as such, he develops a deep understanding of his subjects, resulting this year in prizes for computing and maths.

He did not allow home-learning to stop his participation in extra-curricular activities this year: he maintained a vigorous home fitness routine of running and weights; he had a go at learning Chinese using the duo-lingo app, and explored spoken word poetry to create some short films. He also won an award for special contribution to boys’ sport.

Ryan is a great personality who stands out as a natural leader. He was Head of Peer Counselling this year and ran seminars and an assembly on wellbeing and anti-bullying; he started a school conservation group; he helped peers continue with their fitness goals during remote learning; and he writes blogs to spread awareness of environmental issues.

He is a proven Changemaker: he uses the skills and experience of his conservation activities in Nairobi National Park and transfers them to smaller scale projects in his own local area, for example reviving the pond area at school. Ryan also won the prestigious Head’s award this year, and was recognised for his citizenship projects and charity work.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Ryan's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about a post-COVID-19 relief plan at Joy Children's Home in Ruiru.

In Leadership Workshops Ryan is a powerful contributor: articulate, persuasive and able to lead groups. He uses body language to good effect and is always alert and engaged.