Ryan Nduma

Ryan Nduma Large18 years old, attending Hillcrest International School, Nairobi. Ryan was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2019.

Ryan has made an impressive start at Hillcrest, achieving 3 As in Maths, Physics and Computer Science by mid Term 3. Having transferred from the 844 system towards the end of the first term, he had to catch up on complete topics, especially in Physics where he’s done well to raise his grades. He committed to online learning and even helped his peers.

He is a talented tennis player, having individual coaching, and had hoped to enter the ITF and Karen Open Tennis Competitions, but they were cancelled due to COVID-19. He helped train some of his peers and began to build a team for the tournaments.

Ryan was selected Head of Peer Counselling. He led a team of about 50 to help their peers talk about issues, made a video and ran an online seminar promoting mental health awareness. He is on the path for running a TED talk at Brookhouse next year. He led a group of Year 9-12s in the Scholars Society Executive team. Also in the Scholar’s Society, Ryan led a Nuclear Energy Project with 10 others, assessing its feasibility in Kenya. They have built a working proposal and will request feedback from the community. He has begun to organise a book drive with the Kiwimbi Organisation, aiming to set up a library in Mathare.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Ryan's 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about a post-COVID relief plan at Joy Children's Home in Ruiru.


In Leadership Workshops he showed good processing skills and quick understanding. He mingles well and participates in group activities easily.