Betty Kunyada

Betty Kunyada Large

14 years old, attending St. Andrew's School, Turi. Betty was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in February 2012.

Betty has made a good start in the Senior School. She has worked well with online learning, and scored mainly 9s, 8s and 7s for attainment, and all 1s and 2s for effort. Due to good Prep grades she has gained Independent Learner Status.

She had a lead role in the play and performed well. She has been playing clarinet in the orchestra and performed in the GCSE and A Level concert. She attended the Rosslyn Choir Festival and sang in the carol service. She was in the athletics squad, gaining two silver and two bronze medals, and coming second in her house for number of points scored.

Betty is a responsible, emotionally mature girl, who loves helping others. She is part of the Happy and Healthy Committee in her boarding house, working to ensure the mental and physical well-being of the boarders. She presented her summer citizenship project confidently in a school assembly, only two weeks after starting in the Senior School.

Involved with the Eco Conservation club, she made posters to create awareness around the school and wrote an article for the NEMA newsletter, which was published and sent to the Minister in Homabay. She was a finalist in the International Young Eco Hero award. She was due to be a delegate in the TMUN, but it was cancelled due to COVID.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Betty's 2020 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about helping the community to plant trees to generate income.


In Leadership Workshops, Betty shows emotional maturity and quiet confidence.