Mugane Muriuki

2023 Mugane Muriuki large16 years old, attending Greensteds International School, Nakuru, Kenya. Mugane was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2021.

Mugane is an extremely conscientious student across all his subjects and consistently works to a very high standard. His positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning help him to achieve the highest grades, and to confidently help his peers when needed. He was given the academic ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award for year 10.

Mugane enjoys considerable success in all his co-curricular endeavours. He has received awards for rugby player of the year, cross-country athlete of the year, most improved basketballer of the year and U15 athlete of the year. Additionally, he won KS4 male violinist of the year. He is a committed member of the aviation club and is working towards his silver President’s Award.

Mugane is a successful Student Representative, liaising with school staff and effecting important improvements for the student body. He enjoys event management and has organised several socials for his peers, including activities on their birthdays; he regularly ‘MCs' at school occasions, and helps organise and run various school events. He is the rugby and track teams U15 Captain.

Mugane enjoys varied Citizenship activities: planting trees and teaching others about environmental care; raising funds for an arthritis charity; and supporting a school in his community, raising funds to purchase materials by running games and science puzzles for his peers. 

Beacon Workshop Participation

Mugane’s 2023 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about raising awareness for, and volunteering at, the New Life Orphanage in Nyeri county.

In Leadership Workshops, Mugane is self-driven, vocal and innovative. He comes up with solutions and ideas and speaks with confidence.