Faraja Laiser

Faraja Laiser Large17 years old, attending St Constantine’s International School, Arusha, Tanzania. Faraja was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2019.

Faraja has made a great start to her iGCSE subjects. Hardworking, meticulous, enthusiastic and with a strong desire to excel, she has performed consistently well across the year, gaining mainly A and B grades across all subjects at the end of each term and effort grades of A and B. She won certificates for most Proficient in Music, and best Effort in English.

She has represented her house in interhouse volleyball and basketball. She progressed from the U15 teams to play in the U19 football and basketball teams and has coached the U15 netball team. She also performed in the school band for the Year 13 graduation ceremony.

Faraja has been elected onto the School Boarding House Committee; she coordinated activities for primary students, read to SEN students, tutored Year 9s and helped to enforce COVID-19 protocols. She took part in virtual debates with the school MUN (Model United Nations) and was a host for a virtual conference on tourism with over 100 schools.

She took part in St Constantine's student-led Outreach Project, representing the school in finding a partner school to support in the local community. She has been examining the challenges faced by girls attending the school and looking at ways to solve them. Through the student council, she led students in celebrating diversity.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Faraja's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about improving the quality of life for girls at Pippi Home for Girls by raising funds, providing food and raising awareness through social media.

In Leadership Workshops, she is positive and a good contributor. Faraja has improved in confidence, diction and delivery. She gave a passionate presentation and provided detailed and specific feedback.